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Past as prologue?

Posted in Inside a Writer's Head, Prologues, Writing by DLFowler on August 21, 2010

There are times when I wonder if the problem with publishing isn’t that editors and agents are out of touch with what readers actually like to read.

Now this isn’t about my book. I’ve never submitted it with a prologue because agents almost universally say not to – people never read them. So why is it that when I asked 400 Facebook fans if they read prologues all 12 respondents declared “yes”, most with emphasis?

And I wonder how many other absolutes don’t hold water either.

I have now idea whether I’ll add a prologue. Instead I may write an alternative history of Lincoln’s assassination and weave it into my main character’s story by alternating chapters – a chapter of the past, a chapter of the present, etc. The hard part with that would be jarring the reader with frequent and dramatic changes in voice.

Damn, that would break another absolute.


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