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The Truth of Consequences

Posted in Characters, Inside a Writer's Head, My Books, Psychology, Show Don't Tell by DLFowler on February 13, 2011

I’m lying in bed this morning testing the frontiers of technology – writing this blog post in my iPhone. Since the moments just after I wake up are often when I have my deepest insights, it makes sense to do. After all, the iPhone probably wouldn’t survive the shower – my other 20 minutes of inspiration.

The rest of the day I’m assaulted by distractions. I’m not a multi-tasker, somewhat OCD, so I only gave about 50 choice minutes a day.

Here’s what I’m thinking about. Behavior inhibitors. Those force fields that throw down gigantic blood-red stop signs in front of us.  

The self-righteous streak in us calls them ‘values’. I know, mire often we use those to control other people’s lives, but stick with me – will you?

Peer-pressure is another. The good kind, of course. The nudges we get from people who care about our well-being.

There’s also a thing called religion. If you worship some mystical deity inside yourself, others might say you’re following your conscience.  Or if you worship a spiritual being, you’d be  looking over your shoulder to check if He/she/it were watching.

I’m sure there are others, but it’s almost shower time.  And all of these pretty much come down to a trade-off of consequences. What do I get if I do vs. what do I miss out on (or avoid) if I don’t.

As I writer I take my characters to the brink of those trade-offs all the time. But in my head I’m wondering, “What if I’m writing about me?” It’s like test-driving a convertible to the edge of a cliff trying to see how far I can go before I have to jam on the brakes. 

And as I start to stomp on the brake pedal, an invisible breath whispers in my inner ear, “What’s that thing you didn’t think about? Are there consequences to be faced that didn’t even cross your mind?”


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