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How writing is like practicing Jungian psychology … or …

Posted in Carl Jung, Characters, Inside a Writer's Head, Psychology, Writing by DLFowler on September 7, 2011

It’s not writer’s block. Two characters are arguing in my head and I’m waiting for them to finish.  

So a psychology guru once told me that human behavior can be explained like this:  We all have a cast of characters in our head. During childhood, some behave in a way that the adults around us approve of.  Some don’t. The ones who don’t get scolded until we suppress them. After they live in exile for more than long enough, they break out of prison and start acting out to get attention. Therefore, the best way to manage bad behavior is to take the unruly toddlers out and play with them – give them undivided attention and inform them that as long as they stay within certain boundaries, they will get all the play time they need.

 I’m still not sure the idea works perfectly in real life, but it pretty much resembles the way I write. Okay, we didn’t decide whether RJ gets cremated in the forest fire, but Jessica (she hates the name and I’ve agreed to change it before the book goes to print) gets another chance to present her case and more time to  sell it. 

 As for me, I’ll be glad when all the voices in my head stop yelling.

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