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(Part 2) How writing is like practicing Jungian psychology … or …

Posted in Carl Jung, Characters, Inside a Writer's Head, Psychology, Ripples, Writing by DLFowler on September 7, 2011

It’s not writer’s block. Two characters are arguing in my head and I’m waiting for them to finish.

There are three characters in the scene, only two are arguing. 

 One she doesn’t want to get involved – she wants to avoid any memory of what she’s endured. (Her name is Amanda)

  • He wants to substitute a new past for his old one – you know the drill, recreate the people you wanted to count on as if they actually were dependable.  (His name is RJ)
  • The other she wants to re-enact her past – just with different ground rules … like she’s the one in charge and everything happens for her gratification this time, instead of the other way around.  (She hates her name and I’ve agreed to change it as soon as I can come up with something better)

 Since he (RJ) won’t cooperate with the other she (not Amanda), she thinks he should get cremated in the forest fire.  The only reason she cares about the first she (Amanda) is because they shared the same abuse at the hands of the same abuser.  And one other thing. The second she (not Amanda) feels guilty because she abandoned the first she (Amanda) by escaping the abusive environment and leaving her behind.

Gosh … the mind is a terrible thing, and it’s just as hard to control as my waist. (I think I botched that quote)

 Oh well. And I tell people the reason I’m a writer is so I can make bad things turn out good.

 Wait a minute. Does that make me RJ or the other she (not Amanda)? Or do I call it fiction because I’m Amanda?

 I better stop this post before I get more confused than I am already.


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