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Stuff You Want to Say (SYWS)

Posted in Inside a Writer's Head, Inspiration, Psychology, Psychopaths, SYWS by DLFowler on September 18, 2011

You know you want to. But you just eat your words and let the moment pass. Maybe that’s because you don’t know how to say it, or you think showing self restraint is polite. In either case, I’ll be devoting my Sunday morning blog post to Stuff You Want to Say (SYWS). Feel free to use my words. You can memorize them and play them back to end your weekend on a powerful note, or you can print them out and slip them onto a co-worker’s desk to show him/her you’re locked and loaded to survive the work week. 

So here’s my first offering.

I was sitting at lunch with a someone last week, being *encouraged* to better realize my great potential. I was even told how I’m one of the smartest people this person has ever met. Maybe it was unfortunate for him that his was the second dose of that medicine I’d been force-fed in a couple days time. That’s right, I know two people who hang with a bunch of folks from the left side of the bell-shaped curve.

Anyway, this was my response:

“That’s a wonderful fantasy you have for my life. I should feel honored you think so highly of me you want to live your dreams vicariously through me. But you’ve just proved what a rude, selfish, egotistical person I am – because you see, I’ve have decided to stop making my great potential available to everyone who wants to take advantage of it. And I know I should feel ashamed that I don’t seem as concerned about others as you do – but I am not – ashamed, I mean.”

So just to analyze this a bit – I disarmed several personality traits of the common psychopath. (Disclaimer – I’m not saying he’s psychopathic.)  First, I made it clear I’m not charmed by his bright smile (nice teeth, by the way.) Next, I told him he can’t manipulate everyone. I also told him I saw through his thin veil of empathy and into his self-centeredness. Finally, I held up a mirror for him to see what his face looks like when he’s bull-shitting someone. Oh, I almost forgot the best one – my sophisticated use of sarcasm demonstrated that the world is not populated solely by morons.

If you have any takes on this subject, feel free to share with a comment.


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