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SYWS – I’m Not a Genius, I’m More Curious

Posted in Inside a Writer's Head, Psychology, SYWS by DLFowler on September 25, 2011

I don’t know if it drives you up a wall to hear someone say, “Well … I wish I was that smart.” Or how about, “Gee … my little brain can just handle so much.”  OK, let me translate that – but first here’s a fact: We humans don’t use 20% of our brains, so if someone seems to be twice as smart, you only have to use 40% of your brain to catch up!

Now the translation: “Thinking make me tired.” 

And my response is, “Yeah … because you don’t give it enough exercise. You’ve let it get flabby. I have a similar problem, but it’s with my butt and my gut. Oh, and my legs and arms get tired when I use them, too.”

Being Einstein isn’t all that hard.  He explained it this way: he said he wasn’t any smarter than anyone else,  he was just more curious than most. So being a genius only takes two words … “Why’s that?”  (You can make it 3 words if you choose to be formal and lose the contraction.)  It’s annoying when my three-year-old granddaughter play’s those two words like an endless loop of bad computer code.  But it’s maddening when I don’t hear those two words from people who call themselves adults. 

Do opinionated people give you heart-burn? Well, guess where most opinions come from.  You got it. From not asking, “Why’s that?”  When people tell me I have a right to my opinion and they to theirs, I disagree. I only have a right to my well-reasoned and fully researched conclusions – my sloppy opinions are an abuse of privilege. If other people are content with lazy conclusions, I guess that’s their business. Except for one small problem. We live in a big complicated world, and all of us get stuck with what only some of us deserve.

But here’s the caveat emptor: Facts aren’t always what they appear to be. If they were, we’d always agree (except for the lazy brained ones among us.) We all color and filter what we let into our brains. That’s what leads to disagreements.

“Why’s that?” you ask.

Good. That means I didn’t waste my time writing this blog.

So why is that?


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