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SYWS – Death Has it’s Upside

Posted in Inside a Writer's Head, Lincoln, Lincoln's Diary, Lincoln's Psychology, SYWS by DLFowler on October 16, 2011

You know you want to. But you just eat your words and let the moment pass. Maybe that’s because you don’t know how to say it, or you think showing self-restraint is polite. In either case, I’ll be devoting my Sunday morning blog post to Stuff You Want to Say (SYWS). Feel free to use my words. You can memorize them and play them back to end your weekend on a powerful note, or you can print them out and slip them onto a co-worker’s desk to show him/her you’re locked and loaded to survive the work week.

So here’s my next offering.

If you have any takes on this subject, feel free to share with a comment.


He/She was such a wonderful person.

The greatest injustice in life is death. We don’t get to hang around and hear all the criticism get forgotten and all the good stuff get exaggerated.

I’ll start with an easy target – someone who’s been dead for nearly 150 years, Abe Lincoln. I thought it was almost comic to hear Bill O’Reilly wax on about how Lincoln was the greatest president in our history. Oh really, O’Reilly? But you also say people who believe what he believed are somehow inferior to you. Gosh, you even say presidents who get about half way to doing what he did are taking the country in the wrong direction. Take ‘states rights’ for instance:Lincoln said it was “… the invention of the devil ….” Bill, do you really thinkAmerica’s greatest president would say something like that?

Just one minor disagreement you say? How about his core belief that the Declaration of Independence trumps the Constitution and when the latter conflicts with the former it is unenforceable? StillAmerica’s greatest president. He doesn’t even sound like a decent constitutional lawyer if you ask me.

I could also ask how Mr. Honest Abe justified signing a law that gave vast amounts of land and box cars full of tax dollars to his biggest pre-election clients. Or I could wonder how a man of great integrity helped a client escape from the Metamora courthouse during her murder trial. And of course, no great American president would ever fire the CEO of a private corporation, would they Mr. Thomas Durant?

Okay, that’s enough Bill O’Reilly bashing. If you want to get a better glimpse of the humanity of Abraham Lincoln, pass on Bill’s new book and read mine –Lincoln’s Diary, a novel. And here’s the big irony. My novel contains more truth about Lincoln than O’Reilly’s non-fiction thriller.



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  1. Scott Bury said, on October 20, 2011 at 2:43 PM

    Are you really still fighting the civil war?


    • DLFowler said, on October 20, 2011 at 3:08 PM

      Scott – I see what led to your question. Actually, I admire Lincoln a great deal. Not because he was nearly deity as many claim, but because he was as human as the rest of us and he rose to one challenge after another with uncommon courage, principle, tenacity and success. I applaud many of the things about him that I cited in my post. I just don’t think Bill O’Reilly would applaud them. He appears to be either ignorant about who Lincoln was or is inconsistent in his political views.

      I am not still fighting the Civil War since my side won. I do challenge ignorance and I do stand against the elitist mindset that one man can by right oppress another.

      That mindset seems all too common in American culture today – which might suggest that in essence the Civil War still rages here. I cannot speak for Canadian culture. Hopefully your society does not suffer some of the blights that infect us to the south.

      Thanks for your comment.

      DL Fowler


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