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Hating Teresa Armato

Posted in Abuse, Psychology, Psychopaths, PTSD, Victimization by DLFowler on July 2, 2015

Why do women prefer to hate Teresa Armato, rather than face the fact that she needs help?

Is it that they don’t want to admit that women like Armato exist? Is it that she doesn’t fit a stereotype? Are they afraid of her?

Here are the facts, at least as we know them. She helped a Bryce Jennings abduct and abuse a 4-year-old niece and did nothing for twelve years as he groomed the girl to serve as his sex slave. On top of that Armato stood by while Jennings started abusing her own daughter after the daughter turned seventeen. To her credit, though, Armato helped her daughter escape, but did nothing for her niece. She claims she asked Jennings to help her kidnap the niece to get revenge on the father (her brother) because Armato felt he was responsible for her being shunned by the family.

Most women I’ve seen post on this situation say something like, “No mother would behave like that. She would have done anything to avoid getting caught in a co-dependent relationship with a creep like Jennings.” One woman insists that “someone with enough intelligence and drive to earn a University of Chicago degree would probably do anything before she ended up aiding and abetting a monster like Jennings. Unless she lapsed into mental illness … which feels implausible. She’s clearly the world’s biggest bitch.”

Excuse me, but U of Chicago degree or not, the woman clearly isn’t right in the head, which may be due to factors over which she has no control. I mean, is every choice a person makes the result of some rational thought process?

Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not apologizing for Armato, and I think she should pay for her crimes. But shouldn’t society want more than vengeance? How about taking it one step further and helping her get her head fixed, too? Maybe if psychologists could figure out what caused her to act the way she did, they can come up with preventive measures to keep the next Teresa Armato from happening.

What are your thoughts?


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