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An Inquisitive Mind is a Growing Mind

Posted in Uncategorized by DLFowler on December 29, 2017

This blog article appeared the same day as an article on LinkedIn about “emotional leadership.” Both authors address the importance of communicating with questions. I think these articles resonate with me because I’ve often noticed that the smartest person in a room is the one with the most questions. In fact, Einstein famously said that he wasn’t smarter than anybody else, but that he was more curious than most. What questions stalk you through your days?

Primitive Optimism

Asking questions unlocks possibilities that we might not know are there if we insist on thinking we know the answers. The quote “an inquisitive mind is a growing mind” came to me as I was engaged in a discussion about the human experience with a very intelligent high schooler who is thoroughly engrossed by the Star Wars saga. This blog is inspired by that conversation.

For some asking questions poses a unique challenge that I’d very much like to understand. It’s fascinating being on the other side of the spectrum, where I love asking questions. Everytime I ask a question I feel as though my brain is gaining a new level of understanding. Regardless of the field or topic the incoming information is exhilerating.


If you’re one of those individuals that provides nothing but answers, and scarcely asks questions. Do you know why you communicate in this way? Do you…

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