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Why Couldn’t McGyver Be a Girl?

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Female protagonists often take on one of three equally unsatisfying personalities – WonderWoman, Nerd or Clueless. Why don’t we see more girl McGyvers?

McGyver wasn’t an action hero – he was an overcomer. But he wasn’t a geek, just resourceful. And he was neither a fool, nor a brainiac. Aren’t there girls who fit the same mold?

Making a female McGyver – that’s what I tried to achieve with Sarah Sue Morgan, the protagonist in LINCOLN’S DIARY – a novel. If you’ve read it, let me know if I came close.

Book Trailer

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I’ve added video to the blog. Here’s a book trailer I created on my iPhone.  You’ll see more, including interviews with readers while I’m on my book signing tour later this month. I may even read excerpts from the book and post them here. What do you think?

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Author Interview at PaperBackSwap.com

The folks at PaperBackSwap.com were kind enough to interview me on their blog. Here’s a link to our conversation. We talked about being how is it was for me, a man, to write from a female character’s POV, Lincoln’s psychology, my biggest influences and a few other things.  Hope you’ll take time to check it out.

And PaperBackSwap.com is a well done platform. Only, whenever my book goes up, it’s snatched up in a matter of minutes. So either you have to be fast , or more people need to share Lincoln’s Diary – a novel.

Fourth Random Installment – Lincoln’s Diary

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As Sarah coaxed the door open just a crack, she stiffened her resolve and squinted into the dimness, inhaling a whiff of stale, dusty air. She opened the door a bit wider and scanned for hiding places, shadows along the corners of stacked boxes or abandoned furniture. She even studied silhouetted edges of support posts, anywhere Mom could be lurking, ready to chastise her when she stepped across the threshold. Scratchy recordings of Mom’s scoldings echoed in her head.   Sarah always cringed at Mom’s voice telling her “No” for venturing up to the attic or for demanding the truth that was owed her. But of course, Mom wouldn’t be up there this time; Mom was dead.

One step across the threshold, Sarah opened her eyes wide, taking in everything at once. A few boxes next to the wardrobe caught her attention. She edged toward them and lifted the lid from the box on top of the stack; it was full of Grandma Cassie’s things. A dusty picture caught her attention and made her smile. The photograph showed her leaning playfully into Grandma’s side. Mom stood stiffly, half an arm’s length away from them.

Sarah couldn’t remember who snapped the photo, but she remembered the occasion.  It would have been her fourteenth birthday, the only time she got to wear that necklace. Mom yanked it off her neck the next morning when she finally noticed it. Mom was sure a boy had given it to her, and she was right. His name was Nick.


Another Excerpt from Lincoln’s Diary – a novel

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Sarah took steady breaths as she walked down Cordova, a wide, lighted street lined with trees, bungalows, box houses and low-rise apartment buildings.  Interior lights filtered out of several windows, meaning at least a few people were still up. They’d be able to hear her screams if she got into deep trouble. Her pace slowed and her heart pumped faster as she remembered stories about people getting mugged in broad daylight, surrounded by diffident bystanders. So there was no guarantee anyone would help her. She scanned the shadows for anything that didn’t belong.

At the Chester Avenue intersection, her heart went into overdrive. It was a narrow lane with no streetlights.  The trees that bordered both sidewalks arched toward the middle of the street, creating the illusion of a vortex that led into another world. All she needed was for the black-cloaked Lincoln aficionados to pop out of the darkness and start chasing her.

A short distance past the tennis courts she craned her neck and peeked between rows of shrubs that framed the opening of a path into the park. She could hear her heart pounding inside her chest as she stepped back, calculating her approach.  Out of the corner of her eye she noticed a second path veering off just a few yards further down the sidewalk. She took slow, deep breaths and edged her way in its direction.  No more than five yards down that path she could see the bench she was told to look for. It was in plain sight, even in the darkness.  She clutched her bag close to her side and hesitated. Was her stalker close enough that he, too, could hear her heart thumping?


Excerpt from Lincoln’s Diary – a novel

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Here’s the first page of Chapter One.

Chapter One

Wicomico County, Maryland, October 13, 2010

Sarah closed her eyes and cupped the rickety glass doorknob. Her breath stalled and the knot in her stomach drew tighter. The truth about her father and grandfather had to be stashed somewhere in that old attic.

Grandma Cassie always sidestepped questions about the missing men in Sarah’s life with “Both you and your mother were immaculate conceptions.” And Grandma’s myth got more mileage than the ones about the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Sarah clung to Grandma’s story at least until she learned what ‘immaculate conception’ meant. Her enlightenment came about the time she panicked over the blood on her underwear.

Now, at thirty-something, she didn’t question, anymore, whether they’d existed. She was after the truth about who they were.  It didn’t occur to her that the truth could hurt. Or that sometimes it killed.

The sound of a car door shutting on the driveway snagged her attention. Her eyes narrowed. Why hadn’t she heard the car coming up the magnolia lined asphalt? She cocked her head and brushed a handful of ebony curls away from her ear, focusing on the footsteps that creaked up onto the front porch. Had it slipped her mind that someone would be stopping by? That was unlikely; there was no extended family, and she kept her handful of friends at a safe distance.

Sarah lingered for a moment at the attic door, but hopes the visitor would go away were driven back by persistent knocking. So she turned and headed downstairs to assess the hazy figure who was peering through the screen door. Along the way, she snagged the lacrosse stick she’d left by the post at the end of the banister.

Kindle and Nook Editions of Lincoln’s Diary

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It’s been a big week.  Thanks to the release of both the Kindle and Nook Editions of LINCOLN’S DIARY.  But that’s not all.

On top of those releases, March 4 will be the release date for a limited edition print run of LINCOLN’S DIARY. The edition will commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s inauguration.  Numbered copies will be autographed and sold at an inauguration anniversary celebration at Morso Wine Bar in Gig Harbor, WA. A limited number of unnumbered copies will be released through my website http://dlfowler.com

Major News Coming

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Expect major announcement in next 24 hours.