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What’s Your Story About?

We are going to be asked, “What is your story about?” There is a three-part answer to that anxiety-inducing question. The short answer is the story’s theme. Another reply is to outline the moral dilemma—a choice between opposing principles that lies at the heart of the Lead’s psychological journey. We can also describe the physical journey that our Lead character pursues. All three answers help focus our writing.


A lawyer who writes about justice?

Posted in Favorite Writers, Robert Dugoni, Themes by DLFowler on April 26, 2010

Of course that’s not me.  I didn’t even know lawyers have anything to do with justice.

But Robert Dugoni, NYT BestSelling author, captures the concept with the skill of an artist.  Not that justice is the theme I’m focused on – but you get the idea – expect to stand along side my characters as they face of life or death struggles fighting, or maybe convincing themselves to keep on fighting, for ideals or relationships they hold dear.

The stakes are always higher when they’re personal … so that’s what we’ll do – get personal.