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Excerpt from Lincoln’s Diary – a novel

Posted in Kindle, Lincoln's Diary, My Books, Nook, Writing by DLFowler on February 5, 2011

Here’s the first page of Chapter One.

Chapter One

Wicomico County, Maryland, October 13, 2010

Sarah closed her eyes and cupped the rickety glass doorknob. Her breath stalled and the knot in her stomach drew tighter. The truth about her father and grandfather had to be stashed somewhere in that old attic.

Grandma Cassie always sidestepped questions about the missing men in Sarah’s life with “Both you and your mother were immaculate conceptions.” And Grandma’s myth got more mileage than the ones about the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. Sarah clung to Grandma’s story at least until she learned what ‘immaculate conception’ meant. Her enlightenment came about the time she panicked over the blood on her underwear.

Now, at thirty-something, she didn’t question, anymore, whether they’d existed. She was after the truth about who they were.  It didn’t occur to her that the truth could hurt. Or that sometimes it killed.

The sound of a car door shutting on the driveway snagged her attention. Her eyes narrowed. Why hadn’t she heard the car coming up the magnolia lined asphalt? She cocked her head and brushed a handful of ebony curls away from her ear, focusing on the footsteps that creaked up onto the front porch. Had it slipped her mind that someone would be stopping by? That was unlikely; there was no extended family, and she kept her handful of friends at a safe distance.

Sarah lingered for a moment at the attic door, but hopes the visitor would go away were driven back by persistent knocking. So she turned and headed downstairs to assess the hazy figure who was peering through the screen door. Along the way, she snagged the lacrosse stick she’d left by the post at the end of the banister.

Kindle and Nook Editions of Lincoln’s Diary

Posted in Kindle, Lincoln's Diary, My Books, Nook, Special Print Edition by DLFowler on January 20, 2011

It’s been a big week.  Thanks to the release of both the Kindle and Nook Editions of LINCOLN’S DIARY.  But that’s not all.

On top of those releases, March 4 will be the release date for a limited edition print run of LINCOLN’S DIARY. The edition will commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s inauguration.  Numbered copies will be autographed and sold at an inauguration anniversary celebration at Morso Wine Bar in Gig Harbor, WA. A limited number of unnumbered copies will be released through my website http://dlfowler.com